Mayor and Council


Message from the Mayor

Thank you for choosing the City of Grantville. I have always believed in the power of government to benefit the common good and help people improve their lives. As a resident of Grantville, I am honored to be your Mayor. One of the best things about our city is that residents are actively engaged in our communities. Your input is invaluable to my administration as we work to help Grantville grow.

-Jim Sells


Mayor Sells

Mayor Jim Sells

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City Council


Councilmember Barham Lundy
Streets and Public Works Committee Chairperson
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Councilperson Johnny Cooks
Police Committee Chairperson
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Councilperson Selma Coty
Utility Committee Chairperson 
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Councilperson Rochelle Jabaley
Administrative Committee Chairperson
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123 LaGrange Street - Grantville, GA 30220 - 770-583-2289