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A city situated in Coweta County and first settled around 1840, Calico Corners was incorporated on January 1, 1852 and renamed Grantville; in honor of Colonel L.P. Grant, Chief Engineer of the A & WP Railroad. Prior to the Civil War, plantations and farms were the main means of income in Grantville, but after the war ended the economy changed and with the textile industry moving into the south, Coweta County as a whole became quite prosperous. By the turn of the century, there were 769 people residing in Grantville and it was a thriving and progressive city with beautifully built homes and storefronts lining busy streets. During this time, the railroad played an integral part of Grantville life, due in part to the success of the booming cotton industry.

In 1901, West Point Pepperrell established a knitting mill in Grantville to produce various cotton products that later included uniforms for allied troops fighting in the First World War. Along with the mill came "The Mill Village." It sprung up to house the mill workers, and it is still referred to as the "Mill Village" to this day. In addition to the knitting mill, Grantville had two grist mills, a public ginnery and a hosiery mill that produced approximately 2000 dozen pairs of hose per week. Grantville also had two banks, a pharmacy, grocery store, a hotel, hardware store, Methodist and Baptist Churches and great schools, among other things.

When the Great Depression hit, Grantville struggled. With the Boll Weevil devastating cotton fields and the cotton prices hitting rock bottom, Grantville was hit doubly hard with the crash of the stock market. This time led to a downward economic spiral with the closing of the banks and businesses and many small farmers being left with no prospect of making a living or being forced off of their land by foreclosure. Life in Grantville as it was known, changed drastically. It was no longer the bustling and busy town that it had known in the past, and there were empty buildings where banks and general merchandise stores once stood.

After the passing of many years, few of the more established businesses survived; such as the West Point Pepperell that continued producing textile until its closing in 1980, but smaller businesses have come and gone. Since the closing of West Point Pepperrell, several smaller industries have used the mill building at different times; but now it sits dormant. Over the years, the new age of automobiles halted the need for the rail lines for transportation, so passenger trains quickly became just a memory of the distant past.

Although the streets are no longer bustling with the many businesses before the depression and the railroad no longer makes stops at our depots, Grantville still holds that small town charm and character of long ago and continuously works toward becoming that progressive and thriving city of years gone by once more. There are businesses and restaurants now where there were none for many years and that beautiful architecture from a time gone by can still be seen on many of our historical homes and buildings.

Grantville has seen growth with residential subdivisions that began construction in the 1990's and continues today. The pride and love for Grantville has kept many families here for centuries and the location of Grantville to nearby larger cities is continuously bringing in new families who are setting down roots to raise their families in a smaller bedroom community.

Our city still retains the charm and appearance of a scene straight out of the past, and that has been a great asset to us! Television and movie producers have shown great interest in our downtown area and other locations throughout the city; for that very reason. There have been movies and television shows filmed in Grantville beginning in 1994, when actor Kevin Costner graced the streets for the filming of a movie titled "The War." Since that time, numerous other movies have been filmed in Grantville, including "Broken Bridges" starring Toby Keith and "Lawless" starring Tom Hardy and Shai LeBouf, to most recently Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels filming "Dumb and Dumber To" and Vince Vaughn filming "Term Life." Probably our most notable claim to fame however, is the popular A & E television series using Grantville as the location for several episodes of "The Walking Dead." As a result of this filming, Grantville has experienced a growth in its tourist industry, with visitors coming from all over the world to catch a glimpse of specific sites where zombies have roamed.

Grantville is poised to take advantage of growth and opportunity for our future and we are continuously working with the Coweta County Development Authority and Chamber of Commerce in an effort to bring businesses and industry to town. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our citizens. Give Grantville a try "Come Grow With Us!"

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