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Billing Information

Utility Bills are mailed out from the Grantville Post Office the last day of each month. All utility payments are due by the 15th of every month. City of Grantville utility bill payments received after the 15th day of the month will be charged a $25.00 late fee.  In the event the 15th day of the month falls upon a weekend or a day when City Hall is closed and therefore payment has been extended until the end of the next regularly scheduled business day, the late fee $25.00 will be charged only after the next regularly scheduled business day.

For your convenience, the City provides an overnight drop-box for after hour payments. You may also pay your bill online 24 hours a day for a fee or bring your bill by City Hall.

If any City of Grantville bill for utility services remains unpaid by the close of business on the 24th day of the month immediately following the submission of the bill, the utility services to the customer will be discontinued or disconnected.  Utility services discontinued or disconnected will not be continued or reconnected until ALL past due charges, including penalties have been fully paid, together with a reconnection fee to reestablish services on such discontinued or disconnected accounts.  The disconnect and reconnect charges will be assessed whether or not the utility services have been actually disconnected.

In the event the 24th day of the month falls upon a weekend or a day when City Hall is closed, utility services will not be discontinued or disconnected until the end of the next regularly scheduled business day.

All outstanding charges and assessments must be paid PRIOR to any request for utility service to be connected or continued. Requests to connect or continue utility service that has been terminated for non-payment must be received in the City Clerk's office prior to 12:00 PM on the day utility services are requested to be connected or continued.  Requests received after 12:00 PM will be connected or continued on the next regularly scheduled business day.

Accounts that are disconnected due to a returned check must pay the check in full with a money order or cash and the $30.00 return check fee before any utility is reconnected. Any returned check on a "closed account" constitutes immediate utility disconnection.

Please note the city of Grantville will charge a $25.00 re-read fee after the 5th of each month if readings are read with no errors.

*** These policies are set by the Grantville City Council. The clerks have no discretion with due dates, late fees, or disconnection of non-paid utility accounts. ***

Garbage Collection

Residential customers receive twice-weekly garbage collection and once a week curbside recycling collection. Garbage and recycling must be at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on collection days. Commercial customers receive garbage collection and recycling collection once a week. 

Brush Collection

Residents may place up to four cubic yards of unbundled brush curbside on their second collection day each week. Larger brush piles in excess of four cubic yards will be subject to a charge of $8 per cubic yard. 


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Commercial Utility Service

  • Contact City Hall 770-583-2289

Residential Utility Service

  • Contact City Hall 770-583-2289