Fine Payment

Due Date
Fines are due 24 hours before your court day. 
Types of Payment
We accept cash, money orders, cashier's checks (Payable to City of Grantville), MasterCard, and Visa.
Online Payments:
  Payments must be received  before the due date.
  • Please call 770-583-2255 to verify if your citation can be paid without a court appearance
  • Traffic Citations - Enclose a copy of the citation and payment and mail it to:
     Grantville Municipal Court
     P.O. Box 160.
     Grantville, GA 30220
  • We do not accept payments over the phone.

NOTICE:  This citation shall constitute official notice to you that failure to appear in Court at the date and time stated on this citation to dispose of the cited charges against you shall cause the designated Court to forward your driver's license to the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety, and your driver's license shall be suspended.(Georgia Code 17-6-11 and 40-5-56)