Municipal Court

Municipal Court Header
The Grantville Municipal Court has jurisdiction of certain offenses committed within the city limits including:
  • Traffic infractions
    • Misdemeanor traffic offenses
    • Criminal offenses, including DUI
  • All violations of city ordinances related to zoning, building codes, and more

Courtroom Staff:

Diane Littleton, Court Clerk

The Municipal Court is staffed by one court service employee. A judge presides over the courtroom and a public defender may be appointed to represent qualifying indigent defendants.

Public Defender - Attorney Natalie Ayers

Municipal Court Judge -
The Honorable Lisa R. Reeves, appointed

Directions to the CourtTake 85 South towards Columbus, exit 35; Grantville.  Make a left turn at the first stop sign. Make a immediate right turn on\to Griffin Street, follow the road through the cemetery until you get to the stop sign at the railroad tracks.  Make right turn onto Main Street.  At the next stop sign make a left onto Lagrange Street.  We are four doors up pass Dollar General on your right in the old Glanton Elementary School.  Limited parking in front and back of the building. 

Note:  Parking anywhere else could result in towing of your vehicle at your expense.

Please wait 3-5 business days for ticket information.

Payment Options:
  Cashier Checks or Money Orders
            (Payable: City of Grantville)
            Visa or MasterCard  2.5 surcharge
            Debt Card  $3.95
            Go online to
            No personal or company checks accepted.

Need assistance on the website please call 1-844-202-8490 or 1-877-575-7233 ext 100

Having trouble locating your ticket on the pay website?
       Try one of these examples:
            1.  T30216
            2.  T30216A
            3.  Driver License Number

Note:  Certain tickets cannot be paid online due to a mandatory appearance requirement.

Documentations Required for Court
   1.  Suspended License Charges:  bring your renewed license.
   2.  Suspended Registration and No Insurance charges:  bring insurance 
        information and tag registration which corresponds with the violation date
       and the vehicle in question.
   3.  State approved certificate for Defensive Driving Class within one 
        year of violation.