Starting a New Business

Initiatives for Local Business
Take all of the important steps to joining your new business community, including registrations, permits, taxes, and even obtaining new property.

New Business Services
Provide information about how your services directly or indirectly affect the daily lives of citizens. 
  • Business Locations
  • Government (How to Get Involved)
  • Insurance
  • Local Requirements
  • Necessary and Optional Permits
  • Permits / Certificates / Other Registrations
  • Reporting Issues to Local Government
  • Resources for Both Owners (Commercial and Home-Based) and Vendors
  • Taxes (Sales, Property, etc.)


  • What are the steps to opening a new business?
  • Are grant funds available from my local government?
  • Does the local government offer financing for businesses or facilities?
  • Where can I place my new business? (Real estate locations)
  • Will others be willing to rent my facilities?