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Are you interested in serving Grantville? The Historic Preservation Commission, The Planning Commission, The Downtown Development Authority and other Committees need YOU!!  Contact City Hall today for more details.  Your special talents and services will be helpful in keeping Grantville "healthy and happy!”

Bulk Pick Up Day Changes in June

Starting in June of this year the free Bulk Pick Up service will be on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday instead of Thursday.  You will need to call City Hall at 770-583-2289, select option 2 and then select option 2 again to add your name and address to the list to be picked up.  This is not an automatic service, so adding your name and address to the desired pick up time is necessary each time you have bulk items to be picked up.  The truck only picks up if your address is on the list prior to the pick up date.

Please place your items by the curb (not in the street) no sooner than the night before to be picked up.  Also, no hazardous materials, paint, or other chemical products of that type are allowed for bulk pick up. Household trash is not bulk pick up and should be placed in a trash bag and placed for normal household collection.  Please make sure your bulk pick up is not under any power lines or near anything that would interfere with the truck being able to use the large arm to pick up your items.  

Do your part to help keep Grantville Beautiful ...(Click here for more information)

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